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SAPLESTON – Natural Slate Stone Veneer Laminate brings exciting new design possibilities for architects and interior designers. Innovative lightweight SAPLESTON - Veneer is waiting for your imaginative designs. It provides exciting natural combination of Stone and Wood.

In the past, the luxurious appearance of stone and slate could only be achieved by installing cumbersome slate and granite at very high costs. With SAPLESTON, you can now enjoy the aesthetic appeal of stone in virtually limitless applications – be it columns, interior walls, showers, and much more!

SAPLESTON is a real stone veneer, 1-2 mm thin, sliced from slate blocks. The rough split surfaces and the changing color variations in each layer make each leaf a unique piece and a treat for the senses.

The lightweight veneer is a "Green Product", as it opens up new applications and provides energy savings through reduced transport costs and easier installation.

LIGHTWEIGHT: The thin veneer opens limitless applications such as in aircraft, marine, and RVs.

ECONOMIC SOLUTION: The cost of SAPLESTON - Veneer per square foot offers a greatly reduced cost compared to slate, while allowing many installation applications.

FLEXIBLE STONE VENEER: The flexibility allows installation on curved surfaces with simple clamps or vacuum table.

WOODWORKING: SAPLESTON - Veneer is easily installed using standard woodworking tools and adhesives. No special stone mason skills are required.

DESIGN CONCEPTS: The 14 exciting colour range of SAPLESTON - Veneer offer designers, architects, commercial builders, developers and home owners an endless supply of creative applications. It opens a whole NEW range of applications. For example, the combination of stone and wood creates a new premium look for the furniture industry. It can be used in wet areas, dry areas and even facades.

We have three versions of backing –
# Standard FRP Backing
# Translucent Backing
# Cotton Fleece Backing
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