SATRA Technology Centre

SATRA Technology Centre

Other from Wyndham Way, Kettering, United Kingdom
SATRA research, development and testing has helped improve the performance, quality and safety of a wide range of products and materials the world over.

SATRA is a Notified Body for the EU Directives on personal protective equipment and construction products.

SATRA is the world's leading research and technology centre of its kind and employs scientific, technical and support staff in the UK and China. The brand is recognised and respected in over 70 countries.

SATRA is a leading authority on international legislation and testing, and the technical aspects of a wide range of products including floorcoverings and construction products. Many of its test methods become industry standards. It also houses a well equipped chemical analysis laboratory to meet the global demand for restricted substances testing.

SATRA's objective is to help its customers increase their competitiveness. It provides support and expertise throughout the whole supply chain, from product research and development, material and component evaluation, to testing and certification.

SATRA publishes technical articles on a wide range of subjects in its own publications, on its website and in leading international industry publications; it also runs courses and seminars to help promote quality, excellence and professionalism throughout consumer products industries.
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