Manufacturers from Lavender Cottage , Lyne, United Kingdom
Securabike is the home of bicycle parking products including bike racks, bike rails, bike cages, repair stations, scooter racks, biycle lockers, bicycle shelters, end of journey facilities and accessories such as bicycle signage or clothes lockers. Garages, homes and apartments also have some great bicycle racks suited for the domestic applications.

For over 19 years Securabike has provided cyclists and our customers such as Universities, local government, Schools, property managers and companies solutions to their bicycle parking requirements. Cycling numbers have increased in the United Kingdom so demand is enormous and growing. Securabike make it easy for specifiers including architects. Building contractors are often responsible for installing cycling equipment such as racks and repair stations into their projects and property managers need to manage and maintain bike parking once installed. This is why our website and Bicycle Parking Handbook (121 page guide) is such a great resource as it introduces:

Security provisioning
Spacing of equipment and bicycles such as staggering height to
Aisle widths for pedestrian and bike
Vertical or horizontal storage
Individual lockers or shared racks and cages
Double story assisted lift racks
Scooter racks and skateboard storage (New)
Design of your bicycle parking area's is key and Securabike can assist with product drawing files or even assist with layout drawings. This is a widely used service for commercial projects where the balance between usability and capacity must be maintained.