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ABOUT US It is the vision, knowledge and experience that will carry the brand to a successful future and it is perseverance and excitement to keep this energy alive. This successful journey starting from the basic steps taken in 1984, Serapool brand has won the first position which produces porcelain pool materials and introduced it to the sector in Turkey. The experience of Serapool Porcelain has started with the production of porcelain handles, anti slip, tile and mosaic swimming pool materials. In a very short time with the vision of fiction future has brought hundreds of new products, new and different functional solutions with dozens of patented design to the sector. Today, Serapool Porcelain has become a preferred global brand in thousands of selected pools in Turkey and abroad. Pools are areas where people meet with water for entertainment, sports, health, excitement and happiness. Besides visual richness, it is designed according to changing and differentiated needs. At this point, Serapool 's color, pattern, size diversity, pool hygiene contributions, solutions designed for the user and practitioners are important. With these features, Serapool is preferred as an indispensable brand of elite pools. At home and abroad 5 continents 88 countries the use of Serapool products in more than 200.000 pools emphasizes the acceptance of 100% porcelain and 100% Serapool quality. Serapool Porcelain is a brand registered with ISO 9001:2015, TSE, TS EN 14411 and CE certificates. Serapool Porcelain sets the goals of the following years with its vision of planning the future. AR-GE activities, new product designs, the best and the newest efforts in the industry to present the target plans are realized one byone. While contributing to the sector with its domestic and national identity, it also carries the mission of being a world brand. In order to increase its share in the existing markets, it takes its place in international fairs while turning to new markets in exports. Serapool brand is the pride of us and our country with aesthetic, functional and rational wide range of products. HISTORY In 1984, Established with the name of the company Anadolu Porselen San. and Tic. Inc. Started the electrical industry production with electro porcelain. The idea of producing porcelain pool material when met with our production experience has found the most durable condition for pool product production. Considering the domestic market companies need In early 1994 started to produce Porcelain handles, antislip, Tile and mosaic in Turkey. When it comes to 2005, the name of Serapool brand was registered as Serapool Porselen San. ve Tic. A.Ş. For the first in Turkey Swimming pool porcelain producing material Serapool in a very short time respond to all the needs of the sector by increasing the variety and types of products and began production of high quality swimming pool products. Serapool is the leading brand in the pool sector in Turkey. Has become one of the three preferred brands in the world in the pool industry by expanding its exports to 5 continents 88 countries. Today in the World thousands of prestigious hotels, olympic pools and villas are using Serapool brand products. Serapool, which owns dozens of patented products as well as wide range of products, continues its successful journey towards new targets as a World brand.
Our Offices
SERAPOOL - Istanbul Headquarter
Şeyhli, Pendik/İstanbul, Turkey
SERAPOOL - Istanbul Factory
Ramazanoğlu, Pendik/İstanbul, Turkey
SERAPOOL - Bilecik Factory
Pazaryeri, Bilecik, Turkey