sergio fumagalli architetto
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sergio fumagalli architetto

sergio fumagalli architetto

Architects from nibionno, Italy
He born in Lecco in 1957

He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Milan in 1980 (Rapporteur prof.Alberico B.Belgiojoso) with a thesis on

"The methodology applied to the area of ​​urban intervention dell'Argelati in Milan" (vote 98/100).

He holds the following professional titles:

· Professional qualification in February 1982 (vote 98/100)
· Iscriizione Order of Architects PPC, then from 1982 in Como since December 1994 in Lecco with 107;
· Certificate of art. 10 of Legislative Decree 08.14.1996, n. 494 for conducting activities Coordinator
of Safety in temporary or mobile;
· Certificate of expert on the demolition of architectural barriers;
· Certificate of programmer and coordinator architectural competitions awarded by the Advisory Body of
Lombard architects February 2004
From 1981 and until 1993, he worked the first year with Tekne Planning, then with the study BBPR Milan.

He opened his own studio in Nibionno in 1985.

E 'component of several building committees and for the landscape in the municipalities of Nibionno, Barzago, Carugo and Brivio.

Over the last twenty years, he participates in about seventy architectural competitions.

Among the most significant collaborations in the design competition that emerge with arch. Marco Castelletti of grass and, since 2000 in a stable manner,

the one with the group " LFL architects "Laura and Piero Luconi, Alessandra Manzoni, Giovanni Sacchi and Dario Zappa, known during the award ceremony for the Court of Lecco.

Among the competitions in which it participates, alone or in groups, it wins, for:

1. a square in Barlassina (I, with M.Chatrian), in 1993
2. the arrangement of two urban areas in Bergamo (with M. Castelletti), in 1994
3. the redevelopment of central areas in San Giuliano Milanese (with M. and S. Castelletti Santambrogio), in 1995
4. the indoor stadium of Carnago (Varese) in 1997,
5. The arrangement of the garden of freedom square in Cabiate (Co) in 1998
6. The redevelopment of the urban sector Queen Margherita of Lurate Caccivio (Co) in 2000
7. The expansion of the cemetery Berbenno (So, with LFL architects) in 2000.
8. the redevelopment of the central compartment of Carnago (Varese) in 2001.
9. Plans for a place in town Rovate Carnago (Varese) in 2001.
10. The municipality of Veduggio, (I, with LFL architects) in 2002.
11. redevelopment of the school campus di Sondrio ( LFL architects) in 2002.
12. The redevelopment of the former small speed in Lecco (with LFL architects) in 2004
13. The new headquarters for the Council of the Province of Lecco (with LFL architects) in 2007.
In particular, five of the contests won were made.

It 'also awarded or reported for:

· Town halls in Inverigo (1987) and Canzo (1997),
· Churchyard square S.Gioachimo in Milan (1990),
· Accommodation in the lake in Bodio Lomnago (1991), today (1996) and Malgrate (2005),
· ASML headquarters in Liss (1994),
· Based Court of Lecco (1998), and accommodation facades home province of Lecco (2007),
· Kindergarten in Molteno (2002), primary school in Bonate Sopra (Bg)
· School campus in Talamona (2001).
· Accommodation urban center in Novedrate (1999),
· Square in Mountain Valtellina (2000),
· Square in Vimercate (2001), Carnago (2001, Mariano Comense (2003), Tirano (2005)
· Accommodation building economic popular in Ravenna (2005).
It 'called with LFL architects three international competitions on selection:

· For the new headquarters of the Foundation for the Environment in Seveso (2006),
· For a new district service industry and trade in Marghera (2007)
· For a new high school in Quartu S. Elena, Cagliari (2008)
Among the public works carried out, include:

accommodations urban and public green in Nibionno (LC), Montano Lucino (Co), Lambeth (Co), Carugo (Co), San Giuliano Milanese (Mi) and
Cabiate (Co - with M. Castelletti and others),
a gym in Nibionno (LC),
the General Variation PRG town of Carugo (Co - with M.Ortalli)
a sports hall in Carnago (Varese),
a building and bar associations in Barzago (Lc - with F.Gerosa)
the expansion of the cemetery in Olgiate Molgora (Lecco),
the urban regeneration of the appurtenances of Palazzo Arese in Cesano Maderno (Mi - with arch. M.Castelletti)
the renovation of the town hall in Nibionno (with ing. F.Gerosa)
the new public library in Brivio (Lc).
expansion of the cemetery Maresso. redevelopment of Via Milano and garden via Merlini in Missaglia (LC).
a pedestrian and cycle bridge in Nibionno, Lk.
With LFL architects a new school IPSIA in Sondrio and building a bar and services of the sports center of Olgiate Molgora (LC). He writes for the

project for the expansion of the cemetery in Berbenno (So).

He has performed and still ongoing public projects for:

· Conversion of primary schools in via Vittorio Emanuele II in Brivio and Beverate Brivio, Lk,
· The expansion of the elementary school via Supreme Picenardi Olgiate Molgora, Lk,
· Conversion to music school, the former town hall in Induno Olona (Va) -with P.Favole and S.Santambrogio,
· The expansion of the elementary school in Barzago, Lk,
· Redevelopment plans (integrated plans of action) for the two areas of the square and Via Parini S.Simone eGiuda Nibionno, Lecco
With LFL architects, he has designed:

· New town hall in Veduggio (I),
· A building and bar associations in Dolzago (Lk)
· A new municipal gym in Sirtori (Lc)
· A private home in Postalesio (So),
· The new "Izmir Art Center" in Izmir, Turkey,
· The new cruise port in Izmir, Turkey,
· A new school gymnasium on the campus of Sondrio.
He has created for private :

single-family homes in Nibionno (LC), Seveso, Veduggio and Cesano Maderno (Mi)
the reconstruction of a city block in Masate (I - with F.Pinchetti)
an interior office in Desio (Milan),
the arrangement of the parish church of Tabiago and the churchyard of Nibionno, Nibionno (LC).
the expansion of an industrial building in Nibionno (LC),
the interior of two apartments in Nibionno (LC)
He has played and still has ongoing projects for individuals to:

the conversion of an agricultural complex in residence in Borghetto Lodigiano (Lo),
residences and showrooms in Meda (Mi)
a new hotel in Chiusi La Verna (Ar)
a new showroom company manufactures in Nibionno (LC)
the conversion into a residence a block in Calolziocorte (Lc)
a dwelling house in Lima, Peru
He received the following awards :

2001 - Award to mention Comacini Magistri Como for 2001 for work of urban regeneration in Cabiate, Como

2001 - invited to the international exhibition of Lucca for the conference "The public space in Italy from 1998 to 2000 in comparison with the public space in Spain from 1990 to 2000"

2004 - International Recognition Award AR + D 2004 and published in the journal Architectural Review of the work for the arrangement of the appurtenances of Palazzo Arese in Cesano Maderno, Milan

2004 - was awarded , with LFL architects for the project Extension of the Cemetery of Berbenno at the Milan Triennale to the Issue of
Architecture award Arches, reserved for the best ten works created over the past five years by architects and engineers Italian Under-40.

2005 - received, with LFL architects, the silver plate to Luigi Cosenza European Architecture Award 2004 for the project Expansion of the Cemetery

2005 - was selected with LFL architects for the design competition by invitation for the new Centre for Studies and Documentation of Seveso, Mi.

2006 - was selected with LFL architects among the best works presented at the 2005 edition of the biennial International Prize of architecture Barbara
Capocchin for the Expansion of the cemetery of Berbenno

2006 - he won with LFL architects Prize Wing - Assoarchitetti 2006 under 40 under the Dedalo Minosse International Prize for Commissioning
Institute of Architecture for the new school on the campus of Sondrio

2006 - was selected with LFL architects for the prize "Piransi International Awards 2006", held in Piran on 25 November 2006 for the new Institute
school on the campus of Sondrio

2006 - was selected with LFL architects for the International Design Competition by invitation, private initiative, for the redevelopment of the former PV
Venice Marghera

2009 - was selected with LFL architects and Arturo Montanelli to the design competition for an accommodation facility within the municipal park Ulysses Guzzi
Abbadia Lariana (with ing. Arturo Montanelli)
In June 2006, he reported for LFLarchitetti the 4th conference of the Identity of Italian architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence

In December 2006 the group LFL architects was invited dall'INARCH Brescia to exhibit their projects in an exhibition at the point of Via Einaudi Peace.

His works are published in various magazines: CASABELLA, BUILD, LIVING, ARKETIPO, CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY, DDL annual, OFX architecture, systems sports.

In particular:

2001 - The work of street furniture in San Giuliano Milanese is published in "The public space in Italy from 1998 to 2000 in comparison with the public space in Spain from 1990 to 2000".
1999 - Work on the gym Nibionno is published in the Almanac of CASABELLA edited by M. Mulazzani
2000 - the building bars in Barzago, is published in the Almanac of CASABELLA,
2002 - the sports hall of Carnago is published in the Almanac of CASABELLA,
2004 - expansion of the cemetery in Berbenno is published in the Almanac of CASABELLA
2005 - the arrangement of the appurtenances of Palazzo Arese in Cesano Maderno and the service building sports center Aurora in Olgiate Molgora, are published in the Almanac of CASABELLA
2006-2007 - the new School Institute on the campus of Sondrio is published in the journal CASABELLA No. 742 in March 2006, about
19 ​​of the ARKETIPO dic.2007 and Construction Industry 398 dic.2007.
2007 - is published LFL architects, between the representatives of the new generation of Italian architects, in the special issue
of ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN "Italy in new architectural landascape" presented at the Triennale
In 2005 it was included, with LFL architects, in the review of Architects Under 40 LMF edited by Fabris and published in the October 2005 issue of "Building"

The work LFL architects of the years 2001-2006 is published in the monograph for the series "Italian contemporary architecture" published by IDEA BOOKS.
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