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SHSH Architecture + Scenography

Architects from 1-10-25-501 Kamisugi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, Belgium
SHSH Architecture + Scenography is an award winning, international studio specialised in both architecture and scenography projects across the UK, Europe and Japan. Our strength is to devote our unique European and Japanese influence to create interdisciplinary design with subtle and effortless approach.

We have designed a wide range of architectural projects, from urban landscape, public architecture, and residential housings to interior and furniture design. Recently, we won the competition for the new library in Moralnwelz, Belgium. It will be the first new library in 20 years in the Wallonie Region. Besides, we have achieved several architecture prizes with our built projects, such as Prix d’Architecture Bruxelles Horta for the complex housing Poisson, Mies van der Rohe award nomination for Sauvenière Cinema* and many others. We also received numerous competition prizes for projects, for instance Iwanuma Reconstruction Housings**, Kunsten Festival des Arts along with others.

In Scenography, our major design work is the exhibition and lighting design for the ambitious architecture exhibition Sensing Spaces at the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts in London in 2014, the exhibition attracted more than 3000 visitors each day. Another successful scenography work is Sacred Monsters (2006-2014), an acclaimed collaboration between Akram Khan and Sylvie Guillem, it has drawn 120,000 audiences over 8 years in 87 venues. We also debuted a scenography for Cloud/Crowd, a large-scale production at the New National Theatre Tokyo. Recently we received D&AD 2015 design award in London.

One of our missions is to continue supporting the reconstruction after tsunami. We had organised the international symposium Towards a New Re-construction after 311 Tsunami in North-East Japan hosted by RIBA, London and Bozar, Brussels. We also presented Invisible of Life, an exhibition produced by VAi / Flemish Architecture Institute about reconstruction, by proposing both architecture and scenography to rejuvenate the culture and life of local victims.

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