Sim-Plex Design Studio

Sim-Plex Design Studio

Architects from Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Sim-Plex Design Studio is an innovative design studio which engaged in interior spatial design, mainly focus on expanding the possibilities of limited space.

We are good at designing transformable space to create flexibility, multi-functionalities and artistic imagination, so as to response and improve the high dense environment in Hong Kong.

We also engaged in architectural design and art installation projects.

"Sim-Plex" is derived from " searching complexity among simplicity." We believed in every space could be expandable by searching complex spatial transformation among simple details of living.

PATRICK LAM is the founder and creative director of Sim-Plex Design Studio. He received his Bachelor of architectural Studies, Master of Architecture and Master of Arts in Fine Arts in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has worked in famous offices : Edge Design Institute, Ronald Lu and Partners in Hong Kong.

Patrick lived in the old and small tenement apartment in Kowloon city for many years. Small and packed space is no strangers to him. This long- term experience of living in a tiny space driven his force to investigate the possibilities of expanding a limited space.