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Smart! Lifestyle + Design

Smart! Lifestyle + Design

Architects from Germano Petersen Jr., Porto Alegre, Brazil
Founded in 2008 by architects Ricardo Ruschel and Márcio Carvalho, Smart! is a boutique real estate developer focused on small enterprises with contemporary architecture and architectural.
How business is focused on the conceptualization and development of the cosmopolitan character of enterprises, whether own or in partnership with other developers.
As an ideal, is dedicated to creating urban niceties. The qualifying little by little the city every new building and meet the expectation of customers, partners and supporters who recognize the importance of a qualified experience the city as part of enhancement of citizenship itself.

The city, squares, restaurants, culture, and all the living experience that only the urban environment offers are the natural extension of smart Designs!
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Germano Petersen Jr., Porto Alegre, Brazil