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Smilow Design LLC
Smilow Design LLC

Smilow Design LLC

Smilow Design continues a legacy of producing fine and timeless designs for Modern Living. Judy Smilow, designer and founder of Smilow Design LLC, grew up “modern” in a Frank Lloyd Wright cooperative community surrounded by her father’s artwork and furniture. Through the glass walls of her family home, she looked upon wooded surroundings and integrated architecture that would define her own design aesthetic: natural, simple, and modern. Her father, Mel Smilow (1922–2002) designed and retailed modern furnishings through his six independently owned stores from 1949 through the late 1970’s. A champion of affordable, finely crafted, modern design —his work has been recognized and coveted by collectors and well appreciated by his loyal customers for over 50 years. Now, with the reintroduction of this authentic mid-century brand, hand-crafted in America since 1949, the designs and manufacture prove to have truly stood the test of time. Today they are considered “enduring, modern, classics.” It is with great privilege and pride that continuing on as a family owned business, we continue to produce beautiful, enduring, modern design for a new generation of customers. Current products include our Smilow® Furniture, Glass Collections and Lighting which will be relaunching soon. ENDURING style and quality. Made in America since 1949, Smilow® Furniture embraces clean lines, great proportions, fine details and functional quality designed to last a lifetime. MODERN designs, mid-century heritage. Based on Mel Smilow’s original drawings, our furnishings represents the best of mid-century modern design, interpreted for today. It is classic and contemporary. CLASSIC craftsmanship. We use solid American hardwoods, precision cut and shaped, then carefully fit together by skilled craftsmen. Each piece is sanded by hand and finished to perfection. We are proud to be a members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and beOriginal, doing our part to support an environmentally sound and ethical future. Smilow® Furniture is customizable and appropriate for residential, hospitality, contract, institutional and retail applications. Our designs can be ordered on a custom basis or in quantity, and can be shipped to any location.
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