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SoapUp®is a patented Italian idea. It’s a special product designed to hold the soap above the sink. It’s surprisingly simple, and a whole new way to think about soap! Refillable, adjustable, always there when you need it: on the tap, or right beside it. The advantages are obvious: fresh soap is always available, and it stays dry so less soap is wasted. SoapUp® consists of three parts, a stainless still pin, stainless steel wire, and no-slip gripper. It can hang on the tap, or hang next to the sink on a stainless steel bracket. In the catalog there are three different types of brackets, square or round: wall bracket, counter top bracket, shower bracket SoapUp® works in every environment, from the bathroom sink, to the shower, to the kitchen. 100% Made in Italy. We use only select high-quality soaps. SoapUp® is waste-free and environmentally friendly. It’s a revolutionary way to wash up!
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