from 26 Route de Behobie BP 20119 , Hendaye Cedex, France
SOKOA was created in 1971 from a development project to contribute to job creation in the Basque Country based on people's savings. Since then, SOKOA combines the local economic dynamics daily and European cooperation active. With more than 700 shareholders, including all employees, SOKOA put into practice the principles of transparency and information management and a balanced distribution of benefits among staff, shareholders and the flow of the company . Specialist professional seat SOKOA opted for external growth in its specialty allowing it to exceed a certain critical size and to continually improve its international competitiveness. In 2011, given the globalization of markets, the strategy has SOKOA evolved to incorporate in his group, through holdings powerful manufacturers of office furniture.
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26 Route de Behobie BP 20119 , Hendaye Cedex, France