Soluri Architecture is an award-winning, boutique firm that provides integrated, client-focused design services. In today’s overstimulated world, it has become essential to create meaningful, resonant, and engaging environments in which to work and live. While many think of architecture as purely “practical” and “functional”, we know that this not enough. Soluri Architecture creates extraordinary environments through an award-winning design process that balances the practical and functional with a deep understanding what is most important to our clients. OUR CLIENTS So who are our clients? They’re progressive, outside-the-box thinkers at the cutting edge of their industry. They aren’t interested in cookie-cutter design or blending in. As they boldly chart new territories and challenge the status quo, they seek spaces or buildings designed to reflect their unique values, mission, and lifestyle. If this is you – then you’re one of our people. OUR PROCESS We know that, traditionally, working with architects has been a formal and somewhat mysterious process. Often the client will receive a finished design without having had much input or interaction with the design team or process, and are left with only two choices: they either like it, or they don’t. This is the exact opposite of how we work at Soluri Architecture. We believe in a fully collaborative process with our clients. Working with you, our design process happens from the inside out, beginning with a deep, holistic understanding of your project, your vision, and the integrated elements and requirements that are needed. It all starts with an in-depth analysis, where we map out the goals, values, processes, and purpose of your project and your vision. We then use this analysis to understand the often-complex processes that will be occurring within the building, organization, or residence as a whole. With this clarity of understanding, the design, documentation, and construction processes bring to life a physical manifestation of the unique essence of your project, while accommodating all of the required parameters.
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