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Climate protection and the sustainable use of finite resources are among the biggest challenges of our time. In 1991, the graduate engineer Georg Bicher decided to set up a company which focuses on the heating of buildings with due regard for ecological concerns. The centerpiece of the heating system has ever since been the focus of our attention by dedicating ourselves to the development, production and sales of intelligent controllers for efficient heat generation and distribution since more than 25 years.

Over time we realized that ease of use constitutes an essential criterion for customer satisfaction in the face of complex control strategies and an increasing functional range. Based on this insight, we have followed our approach 'thermal control made simple' which apparently hit the bull's-eye of the market. Since then, we set the standard in terms of usability which enabled our recent strong international growth. This impulse of success has been utilised to extend our portfolio of standardized as well as customer-specific products continuously. As a result, we provide solutions for diverse heating applications, such as solar thermal, fresh water, heat pumps or weather-compensated heating systems with various integrated heat sources. Our ambition to bring intelligence in line with user friendliness is also reflected in our company vision.

Our vision

"By 2020, user-friendly SOREL controllers optimise the energy efficiency of 1 million heating systems worldwide"

SOREL today ranks among the leading controller manufacturers on a global scale, while maintaining its owner-managed family business character where sustainability stands in the forefront of our actions. With this attitude, we continuously pave the way for tomorrow's growth and are looking forward to a bright future.

A strong network

Our competencies in core activities such as research & development, which is carried out by our team of engineers and software developers in-house, is complemented by long-term cooperations with external specialists. The mounting of circuit boards, for example, takes place in neighbouring partner companies as well as our own subsidiary that is equipped with particularly modern machinery. Assembly and a final quality inspection, on the other hand, are done by SOREL itself. International distribution is achieved by collaborating with selected authorized dealers, which enables us to provide not only top products, but also top customer service. Our network structure allows us to concentrate on the most value-adding processes and keeps us lean and flexible to adapt quickly to market changes.

Quality management

Since 2005 we have been TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001 in order to secure our quality standards as well as to internalise customer orientation and the pursuit of continuous improvement in SOREL. Besides the company, the products themselves are also certified according to various established guidelines and directives, such as CE, UL/CSA or Gost, to ensure maximum operational safety.