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Spinoff Möbel AB

Spinoff Möbel AB

Manufacturers from Bror Nilssons gata 16, Gothenburg, Sweden
Spinoff has its roots in the design company Proformgruppen which was started in 1975 by industrial designers Alvar and Anders Lundgren.

Our clients were several well-known Swedish industrial companies.We have designed work vehicles , consumer products, machinery, medical equipment , exhibits, lighting to name a few product areas.

But it was not until the late 80's before we started to concern ourselves with furniture and then from a more technical perspective , which was not so common then.

The breakthrough in furniture became an office suite A2 for Lustrum .

The early 90's we started spinoff and the background was that we have gathered some product ideas that we ourselves wanted to put into production.

That has been the one to the other and Interior 8Noll system has evolved into what it is today .We call the system 8Noll when the seizures joins the parts look like an eight and a zero.
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