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The office
Spridd is an architecture office based in Stockholm since 2005. It has established itself as one of Sweden's most innovative architectural offices in urban development and architecture through success in competitions , research, debates and completed projects. The projects range in a wide field from interior design to urban development as well as from conceptual thinking to construction drawings. Spridd currently consists of ten architects with a network of established partners.

Challenges in society
The aim of Spridd is to explore the role and abilities of architecture to respond to current challenges in society. The founders Ola Broms Wessel and Klas Ruin share an interest in architecture as social art, a profession that combines technology, art and politics. The office strives to be a creative platform, a laboratory open to like-minded architects and neighboring professions to explore the vision. After 13 years the office has developed well-defined methods to pursue projects from concept to completion.

Society is under constant change. Positions at home, at work, and in the city demand have to be reinterpreted. Established ideas about center and periphery need to be reformulated. Spridd was founded to participate in this process of change.

Society is under constant change. Positions at home, at work, and in the city have to be reinterpreted. Established ideas about center and periphery need to be reformulated. Spridd was founded to participate in this process of change.

Spridd´s name is based on the idea of seeking alternative perspectives, often on the periphery of the architectural field, in order to provide new and better answers to the architectural task. In this work, the structuring of the design-process of the project is as important asthe input of new ideas. . Spridd has developed new methods of working with design-processes of projects involving larger organizations and many different people in various roles and professions. With a clear aim and methodological work, traditional architectural work is complemented to ensure that existing and new environments reach their full potential. Examples of projects focussing on the process have been the renovation of the Million program areas and the development of the Million program Clock together with NCC, the planning of Frihamnen (the Free port) in Gothenburg with the new Jubilee park, the housing exhibition called Bomassan in Hökarängen and projects within Swedish processing industry in the field of new operating centres

Ola Broms Wessel
With great understanding of craftsmanship, construction and implementation, Ola Broms Wessel guides the projects through all stages. His experience gives Spridd a solid foundation to stand on in the current expansive phase. He grew up in France and was educated in Denmark at the Royal Academy of Architecture. Before starting his own office he was employed by, among others, Johan Celsing who has given Ola a broad frame of reference and the ability to see beyond given conditions. Ola is an important driving force in Spridd's work on new concepts for urban development and the renovation of environmental programs. With his broad knowledge of the building process and an interest in creating a holistic view Ola pursues the work on finding methods for a sustainable urban development, for example in the work on the Jubilee Park in Gothenburg and as a cofounder and member of the board of the Association for building communities. With Ola as editor Spridd has launched several publications such as ”Bor vi i samma stad (Do we live in the same city),”Byggemenskaper” (A manual for Co-Building) and ”Future Peoples Palace”; Ola has also been president of the jury of the Swedish Architects’ Annual critics award.

Klas Ruin
With artistic and social sensitivity, skillful sketchwork, long experience and an inspiring open mindedness Klas Ruin guides Spridd through an expansive phase. He was educated at KTH, the Royal institute of Technology in Stockholm and at Ecole d’architecture de Belleville in Paris and he has professional experience from, among others, Tony Fretton Architects in London and Johan Celsing in Stockholm. His long stays in Paris and London have given him a wide network of contacts in an international context. Teaching and research have always been great interests and a source of inspiration for Klas. Heis an often invited guest critic and lecturerat the Institute of Technology and similar institutions. He is frequently engaged to participate in debates and as a jury member in architectural contests. These occupations are part of the workspace of Spridd and is one way of giving us a voice in the public debate on the role of architecture in society. Klas’ broad register is reflected in the widely different projects that Spridd has been working with. With precision and attention to detail Klas has been responsible for Villa RR and Villa Sa