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Studio Aiko

Artists from Ramat Gan, Israel
Company Overview
Founded by Yair Alony and Meny Hilsenrad in 2005, Studio Aiko is a young & dynamic studio, specializing in a wide variety of CG content and visual effects. We provide high-end products, aimed for excellence, while constantly renewing and refining our professional skills. The quality of our work is very important to us - whether the project is a TV content, advertisement, architectural visualization, product simulation or other - Studio Aiko is committed to producing work of the highest quality for its clients.

TV content, advertisement and other media: We specialize in several styles and designs, ranging from photo-realistic visuals to a conceptual look, giving to our clients world-class computer graphics animation that align perfectly with their target, message, and goals.

Architecture visualization: Our architecture work includes exterior and interior 3D visualization that are characterized by highest realistic qualities. We give our clients more than just production services as we offer our design and creativity solutions throughout the entire production process.

Corporate films and product simulation: We offer our clients the ability to create photo-realistic simulations that best-demonstrate the product. Together with our clients we team up to ensure the execution of creative ideas, aligned with the clients’ message and strategy.

In-house content: While working and providing commercial work, we also focus on our own independent goals - to produce original contents and ideas. These independent projects help us to evolve in technical and artistic skills for future commercials projects.
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