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Studio Candeloro Architects
Francesco Scipioni
Studio Candeloro Architects

Studio Candeloro Architects

Studio Candeloro Architects is a design company with offices in Avezzano and Rome, Italy. While continuing the tradition of Candeloro Engineering, which dates back to 1950, a new concept has been developed through the years, in order to broaden our horizon and to enter the international scene, with particular attention to the market in the Middle and Far East, also in partnership with other design firms. Since 1997, we have taken part in several national and international design competitions, scoring awards and special recognition. Our team, composed of different professionals, addresses issues of design and architecture with a multidisciplinary approach: from small private clients to prestigious contracts, we always focus on the human being, the central character, considering what works best for him, aesthetically and functionality wise. Our entire work is based on this concept, whitch we aim to be reflected in all the areas where people live, from private homes to public spaces, from the intimate abode of a family to locations with large congregations.
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