Studio Christian Wassmann
Photo 1 by Lukas Wassmann
Studio Christian Wassmann

Studio Christian Wassmann

Architects from 463 West Street, #1210, New York, United States
Studio Christian Wassmann is an idealistic design practice with a passion for realizing architectural projects that allow users to understand their surroundings in new ways. Our designs present discoveries originating from the interconnections of the arts, and a love for geometry.
Our team of designers work on a wide spectrum of projects ranging from temporary installations to permanent structures, furniture design to storefronts, performance venues to free-standing buildings. We believe that all of these disciplines are interrelated and inform each other; approaching each project with equal levels of attention, passion and intensity achieves an aesthetic and functional success that defines our studio. We are interested in architecture in its broadest scope, welcoming small interventions to large urban projects.
For us, Architecture is more physical and emotional to only use graphic renderings. For every project, we build a series of analog study models at every scale that allow us to make tactile and aesthetic design decisions. We select our materials with a sense of responsibility, efficiency, and durability, and push them to their physical limits in pursuit of reaching/distilling their essential beauty. All of our designs are developed in dialog with the client and built by skilled craftsman best suited for the task at hand.
To date, many of our projects are nearby, but we are expanding our global presence. One strategy in reaching out is to enter international competitions. We are also to building environments and objects that can travel to exhibitions, biennials, and even homes across the world. Our favorite projects are the ones that engage the public, and are resourceful; they should have a positive social impact and provide new perspectives for engaging with the surroundings, both locally and globally. We like to create places that generate critical thoughts about what constitutes their environment. Our architecture aims to connect individuals to the cosmos.

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