Studio Course

Studio Course

Architects from Laxmi Road, Bodke Wada, New Nana Peth, Ganesh Peth, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Kalpak Shah | Principal Architect.
After earning bachelor in architecture from MMCA, Pune, India in 2010, he studied Masters in Advance Architecture Design from Stadelschule Architecture Class, Frankfurt, Germany in 2013. He also practiced as an Architect with gurus like Christopher Benninger, of CCBA, Pune and Bijoy Jain, of Studio Mumbai, India between 2010-2015. After gathering such experience, he established the practice “Studio Course” in 2015.

Since the conception, the firm has been involved in several projects, working design to more levels of innovation and perfection. Their projects have been published in several international magazines such as “ArchDaily”, “Domus”, “Dezeen”, “Elle Décor”, etc. They also recently won platinum award at FOAID 2017.

Studio Course | Practice
We believe that architecture and design have a direct, slow and lasting relationship with the way we inhabit a space and, in-return the space and atmosphere shape ourselves.
We practice to have a course of thinking that gives us a story, guideline to communicate with different aspects of design in a certain manner or system; it sets a way in which our work should progress or develop and, in this process of making, lays the answers to deal with diverse situations.

Our practice driven by this course attempts to create spaces that are of lasting value, functional, minimal and beautiful.

“Course” (noun) meaning:
The way in which something progresses or develops.
A procedure adopted to deal with a situation.
The path or direction followed over time by a road, or river, or an idea.

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