Distinctiveness per se is not merit; nowadays, every individual and institution in every corner of the world claims to be distinctive from their rivals in order to attract attention and financial support. There are those areas of activity, however, whose close proximity to culture, science, technology, and economics obliges those engaging in them to support their claims with scientific and rational arguments. Architecture is one of those fields where an informed and educated observer can recognize the distinctive quality of any designed or executed work through careful examination. Particular regard for detail and an awareness of its impact on shaping an architectural whole and creating harmony, in terms form and content, between a whole and its parts determines the vision and performance of this engineering group. Therefore, what makes us distinct from similar such groups is the way in which we treat the most specific elements of design and execution as well as a comprehensive study of the context of each project leading to a clear awareness of their cultural and historical particularities. We approach every new project as a unique experience
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