Studio Doppio

Studio Doppio

Architects from Corso San Maurizio, 61, 10124 Torino, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy
Studio Doppio was born from the collaboration between Pietro Abbruzzese and Dario Sasso.

Studio Doppio since the outset has moved within the realm of architecture in an innovative way, initially by addressing the exhibit sector, and then steering to residential and leisure design and important retail formats for medium and big-size enterprises, both in Italy and abroad.

Working side by side with important companies has allowed the practice to develop a design capability not so much connected to style models, on the contrary, it has taught us to have flexible approaches to the project, trying to increase the points of view in order to have a correct overview.

In every intervention, all the design phases are followed in their entirety, from briefing to completion of the space; in the middle off all the project, intended not only as a means of creating an architecture or an space, but even and foremost as a communication means for the company or representation of specific needs for the private client.

In the last few years Studio Doppio has explored successfully other realms such as the design of office, hotels, restaurants, clubs and public space.

In short Studio Doppio deals with:

Living: residential design for private, investors and construction companies.

Receiving: design of hotels, restaurants, clubs and cafés;

Working: design of working spaces, such as professional studios to company headquarters;

Repeating: retail formats for point of sales;

Advising: consultancies on design and image for both public and private companies.

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