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Studio M.R.D.O

Studio M.R.D.O

Architects from n/a, New York, United States
Fundamental of our work is our belief of the synergetic power of aspects of Architecture, Landscape, and Urbanism. Through the multidisciplinary design practices, we create not only beautiful physical space but also innovative perspectives toward complex built environment.

MRDO comes from the word 'Mu-Reung-Do-Won 무릉도원 武陵桃源' is a representative utopia space of the oriental culture becoming inspiration of our design. In fact, in the mythology, it has no palace decorated with gold, or no supernatural phenomena, but it is a common place where ordinary people feel very friendly. It contains a landscape that everyone can dream of, and an ideal spatial image of peach flowers and caves. In addition, oriental concepts such as Taoism add a mystical aura. Mu-Reung-Do-Won is based on reality with an ideal image. This balance or combination of duality is the primary value that Studio MRDO pursues.

Studio MRDO was founded to explore and reconcile the balances between duality issues: ideals and reality, city and nature, concept and reality, architecture and landscape, East and West, past and present.
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