Studio MUTT

Studio MUTT

Architects from London, UK
MUTT is an award-winning architecture studio founded by Graham Burn, James Crawford and Alexander Turner, with roots in London and Liverpool.

The underlying mission of the studio is to create characterful projects which are unique, specific and joyful. We work at all scales, from a teacup to a tower, to make everyday life better.

MUTT creates projects of character. Our projects develop a narrative to provide a bespoke and personal service and to produce responses which are specific to place, context and vernacular.

MUTT believes in engaging with the world as it exists and rejecting the concept of radical newness, instead adopting referencing and sampling as a solution to contemporary issues. We draw inspiration and ideas from urban, historical and social analysis to create a backdrop, not a background, to everyday life.

We develop our projects through a range of media, from drawings to films, models to prototypes, and this approach is translated in to built form through the use of unexpected and re-imagined materials. Our work seeks to use the extremely familiar to create the perfectly peculiar.

We are always open to discussing new projects and commissions, and can be contacted through the form on this page.

Graham, James and Alexander are registered architects and MUTT is an RIBA Chartered Practice.