Architects from Pokrovka Street, 2/1, Moscow, Russia
We know how to create a cool hotel, restaurant or bar and do it perfectly!

Our main principle in our work is the creation of a clear and holistic concept, a single picture, which carries a certain message with the help of strong visual images and artistic techniques. We call it "interior meaning".

In our opinion, this is the most important and fundamental stage of the whole design process. It is on this important component that the entire interior is based, starting with the choice of structural forms, ending with decorative solutions.

To design can be called truly high-quality, the concept must be thought out from A to Z and be the Foundation of the whole project, its starting and closing point. Our team strictly adheres to this rule of work, taking it for a fundamental postulate. That is why we can call ourselves professionals.

We are a young creative team of professionals in interior design.

Our main passion is design, comfort and harmony of color and shape.

We are proud of the projects of restaurants and bars that have already been implemented in Moscow and several Russian cities.

We have ambitious plans for the future and therefore we choose the best people in our team.

We work with brands such as AccorHotels, Novikov Group, Paul Bakery, BBBurgers and this is just the beginning!

A strong concept sets the stage for design and largely determines the future success of both the interior and the institution as a whole, whether it is a restaurant, bar, hotel or delicatessen shop.

We are actively working to create an interior that carries a bright and well-read message, creating a "presence effect" for guests. And the author of this message is the client (customer, owner), and we will invent how to translate his idea into visual forms so that it is clear, fresh and unusual.

Our goal is that absolutely all the elements in the end surprisingly developed into a single three-dimensional image: and wall decoration, and selected lighting, and landing, and appliances on the tables, and the appearance of the waiters, and music and even smell.

It is a carefully thought-out conceptual solution that makes the design project unique, "tasty" and memorable.

Thanks to this approach, we create not just a beautiful and fashionable picture, we create emotions and impressions! And this is exactly what the guests will take with them and will remember
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