Studio Toer
Studio Toer

Studio Toer

Architects from Kanaalstraat 8, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Toer's passion is to explore the boundaries of product and spatial design. The designs are a result of their fascination for simple movements and the emotional impact this can have. This in combination with subtle material use and a straightforward form language identifies the work of Toer.

Toer is the design studio of Castor Bours and Wouter Widdershoven. It is located in the center of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Castor and Wouter have been working together on explorative design projects since 2007. In 2011 they started full time as Toer.

Castor has a background in arts and design (Design Academy Eindhoven alumnus, Living Department). Wouter has a background in interaction design (Industrial Design TU/e alumnus) and communication design. Together they explore the opportunities of new interventions.

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