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Architects from Suite 4, The Red House, 53 High Street, Lymington, United Kingdom
Superhouse is a brand specialising solely in creating the most high-end, luxury and totally bespoke homes for the most elite clients. It is the brainchild of Magnus Strom, of Strom Architects, and will not only offer design and build services, but co-ordination with all other luxury services to provide a complete package to the client.

A Superhouse could be brought into being anywhere in the world the client has a site, and will always be an exceptional example of high-end, contemporary architecture, but more than that a Superhouse will always be the product of a close collaboration with the client. A Superhouse will never be more about the architecture than the client’s wants and desires.

Superhouses will be a 'limited edition' series, with only 30 ever being allowed to be created. Each house will have its individual series number engraved discretely somewhere on the facade. Please see our website - - to view our concept house S 00/30.

Services Provided:
Architects providing a complete solution - from inception to completion. Concept, detail and technical design, build management, co-ordination with other services, sourcing of complementary services and professionals.
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