Symbiosis Designs Ltd.
Symbiosis Designs Ltd.

Symbiosis Designs Ltd.

Architects from Abdel RTaheem Alhaj Moh'd, Amman, Jordan
Architecture is a symbiotic juxtaposition of endless sensitivities and sensibilities - an amalgamation of differing natures not unlike the reciprocal intertwining of the suggestive and the captive, the chaotic and the vivid, the mystical and the tangible, the musical and the silent, the rational and the poetic...all merged into a single opulent apparition, yet each retains its integrity - passionately orchestrated with a layman's mind, heart and soul.

To continue to be the architectural firm most recognized for Re-inventing the Total Design Environment.

To provide customized progressive identity solutions through phenomenological Total Architecture.

Core Values
1) Symbiosis
2) Paradigm Shifts and Hybrid Investigations create unlimited potential for Total Architecture development.
3) Intense Creativity is the soul of the phenomenological and the phenomenological is the driving force behind continous Intense Creativity.
4) Every project must leave an enduring legacy.

While locking each project within familiar realms as a necessary grounding methodology, flights towars the emotionally and intellectually prfound necessitate continous departures from the familiar. At Symbiosis, project are tackled through conscious and deliberate balancing of dualities, often absolute opposites. While timelss authentic paradigms are preserved, others transcend towards alternative shifts. While some complexities are smoothed, others are often intensified. Stagin environments through dualities holds evocation suspended. Symbiosis is a passionate and tenacious investigation in phenomenology and place making - often silent places with a reciprocity of evocative resonance.

Symbiosis office culture preserves a unique "think out of the box" studio/workshop approach in the initial design stages of all proejcts, protecting and maintaining progressive design output. Professional staff follows a set, rigorous technical methodology that allows each design to morph from concept to 3D dynamically and in a competitive time-frame; and resources are planed for all projects to ultimately stay on target while offering clients penetrating funcitonal, financial, intellectual, emotional and aesthetical values.

Symbiosis's integrity is a virtual concretization through a continous dialogue with the vanguard. As one foot is entrenched in the enchanted, familiar and real, the other is always negotiating dynamis and the unreal. Intangibles are brought to stage to extract trances that can be touched.