Tabu s.p.a.
Tabu s.p.a.

Tabu s.p.a.

Manufacturers from Via Rencati,110, Cantu (como), Italy
Searching for the source, choosing the best materials , transporting timber from every corner of our planet has the flavor of an adventure that has lasted for decades. Man and Nature, from this symbiosis human kind got oxygen, food, warmth and shelter. Founded in 1927 in Cantù – Italy , TABU is the world leader in dyeing wood. Thanks to its experience developed through three generations, TABU introduced throughout the years sophisticated and advanced technologies to give the best answers to the needs of the market . In its long history , TABU complemented its deep knowledge of wood with scientific knowledge to develop newer treatments, always advanced and adaptable to any kind of wood.
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Tabu s.p.a. Cantu (como) Headquarters
+39 031714493
Via Rencati,110, Cantu (como), Italy
41 448383108

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