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TAKUYA HOSOKAI is a first class authorized architect in Japan. He received the Master of Excellence in Architecture in 2005 from Yokohama National University in Japan, and graduated with distinction for exhibiting his thesis project at the 1st International Architectural Biennale Rotterdam as a part of Tokyo Ring Project in 2003 from the same university. In the year 2005 Takuya Hosokai established TAKUYAHOSOKAI in search of art works, architectural design, urbanism and cultural analysis.

He worked at AMO / OMA Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam as an architect on numerous large scale regional planning projects including: Fondazione PRADA, Maggie' s centre, and Taipei Performing arts centre. From in summer 2009 he has lived in several countries: US, South America and Europe for his research in world life, culture, history, economy, religion and politics. He currently based in madrid, Spain carrying out research into radical structural design and peculiar materials. For this research he has received a grant from Arts and Culture Division Cultural Affairs Department Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan
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