Architects from London, United Kingdom
We are a young, enviromentally-aware design team with Ryan Frank – one of Europe’s leading eco-designers – at the creative helm. Ryan has been designing products for TapeGear since their inception four years ago and from their studios in both Barcelona and London, TapeGear have already successfully launched a range of eco-sleeves for laptops, tablets and smart phones.

We see ourselves as a new breed of design company. Our business model is based around holistic sustainability, not just in the materials we use and the way we manufacture our products, but also in how we work with designers, ensuring that royalties and profit share are split in a fair, representative way.

Our design ethos is based on the following principles:

1. Innovation through the unexpected use of sustainable materials;
2. Keeping product function, purpose and necessity intrinsic to design;
3. Using sustainable principles throughout the whole design and manufacture process.

We are constantly expanding and looking at new technology, materials as well as production process to stay ahead of the curve and deliver products that live up to our principles.
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