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TATO was conceived to do things well.
This is what it’s dealing with.

There’s a deep knowledge arising from the practice. Doing things well for a company producing lighting equipment and all kind of articles of furniture, means to express a way to be and a precise attitude. It means to design a personal idea of what freedom is, a personal idea of new, of something you don’t look for, because you live with it every day.

TATO's design concept results in a new economic and cultural scenario and in a future-oriented tradition of manual dexterity, knowledge of gestures and materials, handicrafts. All those elements that make Italy well-known in the world. There is no industry that can do without handicrafts.

The constant manual working the material and the forms it can take, the surprise and the intimate familiarity deriving from it, gives us back a number of objects representing characters, talking to us within an architecture, feeling always comfortable and behaving.

These objects can keep their value over time.

A good design begins with people.
TATO surrounds himself with people who are similar but also with very different ones.

Not only architects and designers but a large intellectual group aiming to research and experiment.

Particularly significant are those relationship with the local handicrafts in the area where the company was born and the international relationship, helping to spread its ideas.

Listening to people is crucial. More and more people, sophisticated people, looking for history and culture in the things they choose.

TATO takes culture into particular account and is engaged in many processes. TATO likes to dig out from history those objects that are produced today but belong to our recent past or just to our past.
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