Interior Architects from Joan Guell 54, Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain
TC-Interiors is a company, which will be celebrating 40 years of experience in the sector of interior construction, in 2013. Founded at 1973
by Roberto González, currently is led by Victor Gonzalez, a 28 year old awarded architect & Carmen Marti, interior designer and is supported
by techical team and a fully equipped construction team. TC-Interiors, is specialized on housing and commercial renovations and also incorporates a showroom & shop which is open to the public and offers a generous display of kitchens, bathrooms furniture and a multitude of
materials & accessories.
For Victor Gonzalez & TC-Interiors, the project’s well thought design is the key to a guaranteed success. The dialogue with the client and
the analysis of his concerns, needs and ideas, is an integral part of the design proposal. Every project becomes a multi-dimensional process and is approached individally, depending its nature, typology and complexity, always having on mind the energy saving, the long lasting
sustainable materials and the local brands.
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