TEC Taller EC
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TEC Taller EC

TEC Taller EC

Architects from BOURGEOIS N34-507 Y AV. REPÚBLICA, QUITO, Ecuador
TEC - Taller EC is an architectural office based in Quito-Ecuador and currently also working from Madrid-Spain, led by Pablo Castro Guijarro and Roberto Morales Guijarro since 2015. It’s formed by a group of professionals from different nationalities whose work aims to externalize their thinking and global vision in every architectural, urban, research or academic projects.

TEC seeks to dissolve the disciplinary boundaries between architecture, landscape, urbanism, and art; translating into each project, a practice in which different layers conform a complex system, which generates inclusive dynamics.TEC proposes a global practice with an interdisciplinary and collaborative work in which several projects are developed with different scales, seeking to consolidate a coherent work.

TEC understands it’s practice as an open structure in which different teams participate in a project at different stages and levels improving the work that´s being realized, which has strengthened excellent collaborative relations, gaining the confidence that the clients have for the studio’s work.

Pablo Castro Guijarro (Quito, 1982) pablo@tec.com.ec
Ecuadorian architect from the Catholic University of Ecuador, in 2008 he travels to New York where he works as an intern in Carlos Zapata Studio, at which time he decides to make his postgraduate studies in the same city. He studies a Master of Science in Architecture from Pratt Institute - 2011 – where he receives several honors. He has published several articles in various publications such as InProcess of GAUD Pratt Institute, he has been invited to lecture at various schools of architecture in Ecuador and Europe, and he has been a design critic in the United States and several universities in Ecuador.

In 2011, he works as an architect in Carlos Zapata Studio in New York, and in 2012 returns to Ecuador and directs the planning department Eco & Architects where he and Roberto Morales Guijarro perform some consulting and win several public and private competitions. In 2015, they openan architectural office, TEC - Workshop EC, with which they win several competitions and planning projects ofdifferent types and scales that have been part of several European, Asian and Latin American publications; besidesof developingseveral consulting and research projects.

Roberto Morales Guijarro (Quito, 1984) roberto@tec.com.ec
Ecuadorian architect, with his Undergrad Thesis he won several awards, which led to the publication of the book “Self-Sustainable Village, in the Urban Border of Quito” and his research “Transmitting knowledge” is part of the book VIOOA Live 100 years, longevity and future city. He has done two “visiting schools” in Sao Paulo and Madrid with the AA Architectural Association; and he has worked as a collaborator architect in Carlos Zapata Studio office in New York.

Part of his architectural undergrad studies were in Segovia- Spain, in 2011 he studies a Masters in Architecture in Collective Housing at the ETSAM, and in 2016 he finishes his second MastersDegree at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Masters in Advanced Architectural Projects. He was a mentor professor in the Teaching Unit directed by Luis Fernandez Galiano in GinesGarrido´s class at the ETSAM, and he participated in a Specialization Line directed by Juan Herreros.

In 2015, they opened an architectural office, TEC - Taller EC, they have won several competitions in Ecuador and have directed projects from different scales and typologies; they have been invited as guest lecturers in many Architecture Schools in Ecuador and Europe, and juries and design critics in several universities in Ecuador.