Teknika srl
Teknika srl

Teknika srl

Manufacturers from Via Borgomanero, 42, 28012 Cressa, NO, Italy
TEKNIKA is a leading company in the production of mosquito nets. The continuous pursuit of quality, the use of top quality materials ,
the production departments very organized , attention to detail and strong predisposition to the creation of new solutions TEKNIKA placed on top of the market preferences.

THE REVOLUTION - TEKNIKA contributes significantly to the market revolution of the mosquito net . The company and ' specialized in the production
of models side-scrolling without floor space. This allows the passage without danger of children and people with disabilities.

RELIABILITY - TEKNIKA The mosquito nets are synonymous with reliability ' . Through the use of special looms engines products are tested one by one .

THE FUTURE - The excellent results stimulate research , which continues constantly to anticipate the demands of the market.
This and ' one of the reasons for the 2015 season there will be some news' important , including the presentation of a mosquito net especially interesting.
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Teknika srl
Via Borgomanero, 42, 28012 Cressa, NO, Italy