Tenda Service srl
Tenda Service srl

Tenda Service srl

Manufacturers from Via dei Fabbri 5/7 (Zona Artigianale), Modugno, Italy
The company born in Bari in 1983 with the name of its founder, Salvatore Dirello.
It was founded as a workshop specializing in the manufacture of awnings, with core talent for quality.
In 1998 the company became "Tenda Service Srl" and moving towards mass production, devoting all manufacturing energy in the production of awnings components, assuming a clear placement in the industry and in the national territory, through the untiring and laborious career aimed at enhancing the technical knowledge, monitoring emerging market trends and its changes, so was created the new brand, "Programma Eclisse" ... which comes to life with a click of mind, from a particular vision of understanding the outdoor design.
Today is a prestigious brand, internationally recognized, with selected and specialized points of sale in Italy and in the world.

To became market leader
The mission is to harmonize technology, creativity, conviviality and functionality, through innovative and original solutions capable of arousing emotions to the careful design, quality materials and production accuracy.

Patents, warranties and certifications
The products "Programma Eclissi" are original creations designed through careful study and patented to protect the work and innovation.
Thanks to its high reliability, the products are covered under a two year warranty
and certified by Physical-Mechanical Testing of Products performed by the lab staff at the company and qualified external laboratories lab testing services.

The genuine business policy guarantees continuous product innovation, production systems and procedures.
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