Manufacturers from Marie Curiestraat 2, Nijverdal, Netherlands
Solarlux is a company with family tradition and a high level of commitment. We live our values. Inform yourself about international manufacturers of folding façades, wintergardens, glass canopies and balcony glazing.

At Solarlux, we manufacture and install folding façades, wintergardens and balcony glazing for our customers. We create new spaces full of light and add a little sunshine to people's lives.

Our mission is to create light and space.

Our future vision:

We would love to brighten the whole world with the transparency, lightness and vitality of our products.

Solarlux aims to change the global face of architecture with its glazing solutions that capture the imagination.

Living and keeping your values

We respect the interests of our clients, our business partners, our employees and those of society as a whole. From the outset of the company´s history we have upheld certain values to which we and our business partners have committed ourselves when dealing with each other. These values have been defined in our company philosophy. Our daily thoughts and action are guided by them.

Innovation all the way

At Solarlux, we specialise in the development and manufacture of bespoke glazing systems, which raise market standards time and time again. Innovative ideas and their realisation are the main-springs of what we do. Our corporate structure reflects our un- relenting efforts directed towards progress, quality and growth. These commitments have made us the world market leader in glazed folding façades.

Quality means happiness

From conception to completion of the product, the delivery of top quality every step of the way is centre stage at Solarlux. Solarlux cu-stomers trust in our excellent products "German Engineered". And our staff and production facilities guarantee these. We are proud of our uncompromisingly good glazing solutions because they make people happy and increase the quality of life. And that is the grea-test incentive for us to our very best, day in day out.

Partnership boosts success

Absolute customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. A key pillar of our company profile is hands-on associations, in which we in-vest all we can all the time and which we underpin with first-class products and services. From the point of first contact. Reliable, competent and always receptive to the customer’s interests, we are there for him throughout every single order. With such a partner-ship on equal footing, we can offer our business partners long-term satisfaction and success.

Confidence engenders security

Solarlux boasts a great working environment. We value the open and trusting relationship our managers and employees have. Qua-lified, well-educated and with great confidence in what we do, we actively and efficiently overcome new challenges each and every day. We are forever acquiring new professional, managerial and social skills through specific and broad-based further training mea-sures. In our company, professionalism is used to create quality products out of know-how, care and inventiveness.

Performance furthers growth

Solarlux is a top performer with ambitious goals and steady growth. We consistently strengthen and improve our operations and our global business activities through forward-looking investment. The stability and continual optimisation of our production and pro-ducts, our distribution and administration, is for us the natural way of things. They are a cornerstone of our strategy.

Scope for more flexibility

We have a head for business, a feel for economy and an awareness of our responsibility. We at Solarlux pride ourselves above all on our financial and operational independence: it gives us the flexi-ble edge when it comes to reacting fast and exploiting the best potential market opportunities. Our independence, competence and efficiency secure our future in business and expand our global market position.

Sustainability saves future

Our thoughts and actions are governed by sustainability. In our in-teractions with employees and customers today, Solarlux has an eye to the future. As the global leader in large glass openings, we aim to continue along our chosen path of excellence: with entre-preneurial spirit, competence, teamwork and accountability. Our involvement in the community at national and international level shows just how strong our sense of responsibility is.