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Territori 24

Territori 24 arquitectura i urbanisme s.l.p. was set up in 2005 as a collaborative practice placed in Barcelona. The office was founded by five partners, Bet Alabern, Alvaro Casanovas, Adrià Calvo, Filena Di Tommaso and Ivan Pérez, with the aim of discovering the complex system of relations, events, structures, processes and dynamics relative to the territory . The notion of territory can only emerge from an analysis of different scale levels. Each scale means a change of context and provides another project opportunity. ATTITUDE Territori24 offers an efficient and quality service. We optimize delivery, financial control and material definition of building systems, to achieve higher levels of energy efficiency and comfort. The mission of our practice is to produce proposals with the attitude to search for project opportunities in the collective field; accessible to people; alert to context opportunities; precise with technical demands; and responsible under social and sustainability criterion. The confrontation of the individual experiences, the common aspirations and the operative strategies, make us able to embrace the whole range of different scales and types of projects: from urban planning to ephemeral design, new constructions and renovations.
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