Ashish Chakroborty & Abir Chakroboty


Designers from Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Harsh Boghani graduated as an architect from SVIT, India with a gold medal and later went to pursue a Masters in Architecture from Institute of Advance Architecture of Catalonia Barcelona, Spain (IAAC). He later honed his design talent by garnering vast and varied experience apprenticing with some of the best design practices in the world; including MAD Architects (Beijing, China), RSP Architects (Dubai), ARUP (Singapore), and NU.DE (Mumbai). Thus enriched by this diverse global exposure, he later returned to Baroda to join his father’s practice.

Born as an offspring of a 30-year old practice founded by Architect Shailesh Boghani, The Crossboundaries emerged from the need to expand the principal firm’s repertoire. Augmented by the new vision infused into the practice by Ar. Harsh Boghani, The Crossboundaries nurtures itself on the famous quote by David Allan Coe: “It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it is the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.”

The dynamic firm, extending and marking its presence in different areas of architecture and design - attempts to synthesize the three rudimentary essentials including design, aesthetics and environment. Nature plays a critical role in their work, inspiring their process and practice – which is amply exemplified through their attempts of coalescing nature with contemporary aesthetics. Sustainability thus is a cause that is integrated into the very core of their existence – and implicitly manifests in their work.

The Crossboundaries explores new realms in design; borrowing from the synergy of aesthetics, design, ideologies and culture. While the principal practice mainly handles the architectural projects, the newer off-shoot - The Crossboundaries takes up varied challenges in interior design, furniture, lighting and products – crafting out spaces and styles suiting contemporary needs and perceptions.

Voluntary simplicity is certainly not new. Infact , it has been practised and encouraged since thousands of years, literally!!! Minimalism is not cold and monotonous always and neither does it signify emptiness. THE CROSSBOUNDARIES hereby introduces a concept entitled as “The Minimalist”where austerity is combined with vibrant and exposed services.

While there is no right or wrong in design - other than spaces or objects that do not 'function' well - there is a certain inherent quality to a 'designed' space that separates the brilliant from the banal, the magnificent from the mediocre, the extraordinary from the ordinary. It is often this little factor that makes a big difference to the creative output of a designer. The inherited wealth of talent and the acquired benefits of right exposure to global design ideas - seem to have worked together to create that little factor in the work of Ar. Harsh Boghani. An unassuming simplicity and fludity of design thinking marks the interior spaces designed by him - and is seen in all the details too; the walls, the floors, the furniture, and the lighting! Art, an integral part of an interior does not seem as an add-on, but is woven into the very essence of the scheme and seems to flow with the decor.