The UK Interior Design Bureau

The UK Interior Design Bureau

Designers from Blandel Bridge House, London, United Kingdom
We help architects and interior designers find and specify manufacturers' products quickly and easily.

Our aim at The UK Interior Design Bureau is to create win-win outcomes for both specifiers and manufacturers/suppliers.

Specifiers benefit by being able to quickly and easily specify the best products for their projects. Manufacturers benefit through their better understanding of interior designers by achieving higher levels of sales.

Typically, our work will involve the creation of a sales and marketing strategy, which will usually run for twelve months and will include the revision or creation of a website, a campaign of eshots (advertising via email), and supporting social media. We focus on Search Engine Optimisation and with content being so critical for the success of SEO, we provide blog articles and case studies, written by our international team of practising interior designers and architects, which keep the websites freshly updated with engaging content. We also provide coaching and Sector Insight to sales and customer service people with the objective of their learning, and becoming confident within, the specification sale process.

As our background is as interior designers ourselves, we bring the perspective of the customer to everything that we do for our clients. This ensures that all communications and sales material is aligned completely with how designers and architects source and specify products.

Our service came into being as it became painfully clear that standard marketing to the specifier sector does not work for either the customer or the manufacturer. Without an understanding of how architects and designers specify, standard marketers are not equipped to create fast, sensible navigation to products with relevant product details, images and descriptions.

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