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We manufacture ThermaPAVER - THE Invisible Solar Collector

Create a cool roof. Absorb instead of reflect. Solar hot water. Efficient snow melt system. Cool concrete or stone pavers. Short ROI. A Green Launching Pad Company

To create innovative products that provide value-added alternatives to conventional solar collection, heating and cooling. To deliver products that make life more comfortable, convenient, and affordable.

Company Overview
We design, manufacture, and supply complete heat transfer systems. Including snow melt, cooling, and solar hot water. ThermaPAVER - THE Invisible Solar Collector. Snow melt and cool architectural pavers. ThermACOUSTIC highly efficient indoor radiant heating.

Our product, ThermaPAVER, is a system of channeled panels which allow water to flow through them. The panels are set beneath pavers (ex. rooftop, pool deck, roof patio, driveway, walkway, plaza). As the sun heats the pavers, the BTU's are absorbed by the flowing water underneath. This heat transfer not only cools the patio surface; the energy can be used to heat domestic hot water or pool water depending on the system. During the winter, the process can be reversed and free snow melting occurs. ThermaPAVER can be modified to work with traditional photo-voltaic solar collectors. If installed behind a solar collector array, ThermaPAVER will cool the collector surface, allowing it to work more efficiently. ThermaPAVER will also snow melt the collector surface all winter long.
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