Thoma Holz GmbH
Thoma Holz GmbH
Thoma Holz GmbH

Thoma Holz GmbH

Contractors from Hasling 35, Goldegg, Austria
Our Philosophy
Our goal is to build the healthiest houses from sustainable wood. We know that we can’t continue to exploit nature to simply make profit. We looked at the marvels of nature and the trees that surround us and realised that they demonstrate every day the very things we search for in our products and technologies: waste-free closed-loop recycling, self-healing and natural remedies, energy independence based on intelligent use of solar and other sources of green energy. A Thoma Wood100 home is suitable for generations to come, because its components are based on nature’s wisdom.

It has nothing to do with the idea of short term consumption and disposable products. The house is built from solid wood using a new construction method – layers of solid wood connected with wooden dowels. As a result the house warms up and cools down independently of any oil, gas, coal or electrical systems. It improves our health and our sleep. At the end of its life everything in the house remains a recoverable raw material that can be used over and over again. Rather than ‘waste’ we have health, true sustainability and energy independence.
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Our Offices
Thoma Holz GmbH Goldegg
+43 6415 8910 66
Hasling 35, Goldegg, Austria