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Torremato is the designer brand of Il Fanale Group , Treviso company that for more than thirty years manufactures lighting fixtures in a classic style and vintage following an approach crafted in the tradition.

The name Torremato is the acronym of the names of the owners, a unique and unrepeatable name for a brand that aims to draw a new route to realizing creative lighting fixtures that speak a language striking and contemporary .

The collections feature pieces from Torremato strong aesthetic and functional value to the interior design and garden, suitable for both home and contract environments.

The imprinting of the entire project is an idea of great materiality , an array of lighting solutions for formal and emotional unreleased and poly-sensory atmosphere where the cor-ten , material worked historically by the company, meets the wood , he married paints, finishes discover unpublished.

A creative banner of strong materials and primordial, mostly natural , for illuminating objects, immediately engaging and empathetic.
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