Torrisi & Procopio Architetti

Torrisi & Procopio Architetti

Architects from Via Carlo Mirabello, 34, 00195 Rome, Italy
The Torrisi & Procopio Architetti associated studio of architecture and design was founded in 2006 by the architects Daniela Procopio e Giuseppe Torrisi.

It is directed by its founders that share the same views on architecture, looking for solutions that are innovative in functionality, shape and materials, and at the same time respect the peculiarities of the location. The aim of the research is an organic and elegant architecture capeable of surprising and exciting for its originality and distinctive sign.

The studio faces various architectural themes and deals principally with projecting civil and industrial buildings, renovations and interior design. Moreover, the design of "floating architecture", materialized recently thanks to the collaborations with some specialized companies, represents for the studio an important field to apply its own design philosophy and an exciting area of research about what appears to be the architecture of the future.

The clients of the Torrisi & Procopio Architetti comprehend private customers, builders, hotel chains and also architectural and engineering consulting companies that work both in Italy and abroad.
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Giuseppe Torrisi Headquarters
Via Carlo Mirabello, 34, 00195 Rome, Italy

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