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Mark Sengstbratl
[tp3] architekten

[tp3] architekten

Since the founding of [tp3] architekten we have been working on the idea and implementation of sustainable building concepts. Therefore the symbiosis of ecological, social, economic and aesthetic aspects, as well as energy-optimized façades and ground plan typologies play an important role. Location, content and form merge into one unit. We regard urban, economic and technical parameters as catalysts for new ideas and unconventional solutions where the location and required profile assignment represent starting points for our considerations. Sustainability, passive house concepts, ecological designs, lifecycle considerations and preserving resources are more than slogans – they are an integral component of our architectural work. We are not interested in expressionist experiments; rather we intend to create a dense atmosphere by using materials, light, structure, color, etc. paying attention to a respectful treatment of our environment. [tp3] architekten consider themselves as service providers with a wide range of benefits for their clients. We are partners and representatives and guarantee best technical, economical and architectural quality for your building project. In order to optimize the building process and costs of production we offer all planning from preliminary draft, design, permit application, polishing and detailed planning, estimation of costs as well as site supervision for all sizes of building projects, both for renovation and for new buildings. Moreover, we offer urban studies and development planning as well as interior and furniture design.
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