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Trevira GmbH

Trevira GmbH

from Philipp-Reis-Str. 4, Hattersheim , Germany
From the curtains to upholstery fabrics, from wall coverings to partition blinds, from interior solar protection to noise quencher fabrics, Trevira CS fabrics are versatile, offering endless applications suitable for the interior decoration and applications. The inherent flame retardant properties provide permanent safety which cannot be reduced by use, cleaning or ageing.

Trevira GmbH (Germany) is an innovative European manufacturer of high-value polyester fibre specialities. The company has a world-wide reputation for permanently flame retardant polyester fibres and yarns for furnishing textiles. Under the brand name Trevira CS, granted to tested and approved fabrics, these permanently flame retardant fabrics are used in all textile applications. They create a safe, attractive and comfortable environment for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, public buildings, railways, aeroplanes and cruise ships. Trevira CS fabrics are tested and certified according to the relevant international safety standards and the IMO Resolutions for the maritime sector.
A broad variety of collections with thousands of designs is available in Trevira CS worldwide, as drapes, decorative fabrics, upholstery fabrics, vertical blinds, roller blinds, sliding panels, wall coverings, room dividers/partitions, bedding or table linen.

Another product speciality for the home textiles sector are flame retardant hybrid Trevira yarns as basis for stiffened materials, e. g. for interior solar shading.
With Trevira CS Bioactive the flame retardant property is supplemented by an added antimicrobial function. Trevira CS Bioactive textiles meet both fire safety and hygiene requirements.
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