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TROSIFOL - Word of interlayers
Trosifol® BG is the newly developed standard product for the architectural glazing sector, with product properties improved yet again for optimum laminated glass products. It has higher mechanical strength, lower plasticiser volatility and significantly lower electrostatic charging than existing successful Trosifol® products. The films inherent colour has again been reduced, which yields a visible and measurable improvement in the optical glass quality, particularly of multiple laminates. Owing to the varying requirements of laminated safety glass, we continue to supply film types with different degrees of adhesion in our aim to help you achieve optimum production results.
Trosifol® BG R10/15 is the product line for all standard laminated glass applications and particularly for penetration-resistant glazing conforming to the requirements of EN 356.
For optimum production yield in special applications, e.g. the production of laminated glass with toughened safety glass, we recommend Trosifol® BG R20, a further refinement of classic high-adhesion Trosifol® MB.
All products satisfy the quality requirements of EN ISO 14449, EN ISO 12543-4, EN 356 and EN 12600 as well as the relevant international quality standards. Trosifol® products can be supplied, as desired by the customer, refrigerated or PE-interleaved.
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