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Manufacturers from Via Ettore Ponti, 49, Milano, Italy
Milanese Company founded at the end of seventies, exporter all around the world, specialized in the production of partitions for offices. Immediately qualified for being established in front of the customers not as an interior designer but as an expert in the themes that bind partition walls to the building structure. Its production is able to offer diversified products ranging from traditional solid panels to those in monolithic crystal or double plate, with doors acknowledged for their formal cleanliness, excellent sound quality and locking systems with high techniques performance. Recently, it has specialized in the supply of curved glass elements with free-radius. In continuous evolution, offering innovative solutions for both shape and performance: the new wall Sthreep (three-way, able to achieve excellent levels of soundproofing) is the best example. It also features a patented system which allows to apply to glass both panels with shelves and storage elements, ensuring that the glass modules act like a traditionalmasonry. The assembly operations are carried out by its staff supervised by its technicians. All production is certified according to the main industry regulations, it has the CE marking on all product lines and it offers the best guarantee of reliability.


Dividing the office space: a competent art inseparable from the passion for the product. The quality of our work is measured with two themes only: the customer satisfaction and the environmental, acoustic, physic and aesthetic pleasantness of the environments created. We are proud of what has been realized until today that allows to perceive our company as a clear reference on the Italian industrial area, and which has been able to combine design with technology and economic competitiveness.


Founding element of the company is the acoustic quality which is able to confer to environments. Since its establishment, with a farsighted thought, Universal Selecta has redesigned working environments, giving a reconfiguration based on lightness and modularity, ensuring the acoustic comfort necessary to a proper working environment. Research and development of new solutions is the engine that since the 70's moves the company.
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