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Since we provided a lot of object- and spatial design projects on customer demand, it made the desire to grow even more to implement a stand-alone, independent design that is consistently oriented to the duties of the respective object. The result was the label UOCU which designs products with an attention to detail, a sense of irony, simplicity and honest use of the materials involved. First, there was a line of furniture made from paper, including a modular shelving system.

The prefabricated components are delivered flat pack, tool-free and glueless and then folded into modules, using a circular grid system connected with wooden dowels and held together with a tension band. Furniture components made out of sandwich paper plates obtain a simple, material-specific hinge without special hardware by the partial milling of the top layer. The edge radii are not retro-inspired, but result from folding which strengthens the material at this corner and can be reassembled as often as required. The lightweight components can be transported flat-pack, then folded glue and tool free into stable modules, fixed on a surrounding mortise system with wooden dowels and joined with a tension strap which cover the holes. The reversible connections enable a modular and varied use and are easy and clean to recycle.

– modular shelf system for the office- and living space, which can be extended to meet your needs
– manufactured from cardboard with a wastepaper proportion of nearly 100%
– low emission materials, binders based on natural material, complies with official standards for food packaging.
– easy to handle due to the low weight
– low risk of injury: non-splintering, no sharp edges
– optional possibility of surface finishing: screen printing, lamination, water-repellent coating
– made in Germany
– reversible connections enable a homogeneous recycling process
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