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Kyungsub Shin
Urban Project

Urban Project

Architects from 1000 W. Forest Meadows St., Flagstaff, United States
Urban Project is a design studio for architecture and urbanism. Based on the transcultural experiences in several regions; U.S, Japan, and Korea, we learned how to respect the local culture and history. Now we articulate our own methodology to create innovative solutions for our clients and the community.

The contemporary socio-economic changes invariably imply the instable but dynamic social structure. The unprecedented phenomena demand professional fields to proactively transform their nature into others upon the processal status. We now confront a new building culture where the quantified matter is not only the valuing measurement in the market anymore, and forced to investigate more complex ways how to build.

Then, we believe that the architectural design process is never limited to provide subsequent drawing materials for construction but needs to widen the spectrum.In that sense, we are equipped with multifaceted analytical tools to understand the urban conditions for various programs on demand. Our design is a consequence of the analysis which, of course, is closely related to the collective satisfaction for our clients, community as well as the urban environment.

The advanced technology also facilitates the creative design solutions both aesthetically and functionally. Our architectural output is made of a systemized assembly that is reactive to the embodied program and contexts, and that also shares the local esthetic tradition.

We welcome any design offers regardless of types, sizes, and programs. Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to having a great opportunity to support your successful business and better life.
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Urban Project Flagstaff Headquarters
+1 (480) 221-7093
1000 W. Forest Meadows St., Flagstaff, United States

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