Urban Studio India

Architects from Mumbai, India
Urban Studio is an office of young cross-disciplinary architects that operate as a collective collaborative of multiple expertises. Among the different fields of interests that influence Urban Studio's approach towards architecture and interior design are the new sciences, information technology, artificial intelligence, infrastructural systems and the contemporary city.

Our work has been featured in several local as well as international publications. Currently with a team of 30 Architects and Interior Designers, Urban Studio is successfully handling projects of varied scales in different sectors of residential, commercial, hospitality, retail & institutional with several local and international publications featuring our work. From working on a large 100 acre mixed use scheme in Hyderabad to custom designing furniture pieces Urban Studio strives to attain the design bandwidth necessary in future markets. Urban Studio consciously limits itself in the number of projects that it handles at a time because of its commitment to design development and client service believing that in the end "good design is always good business".
Our Offices
Urban Studio India Mumbai
Mumbai, India